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Maranao language gamit nya. He is know as commander bravo of MILF (MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT) which were committed to peace negotiation w/ the government.

He said:
For me, to the leaders that follows me, to the Ulamas and to the OFWs na namomroblema 4 their families in mindanao this is very heartbreaking for all of us na parang winalanghiya tayo. Ang tanging hinihintay nmin ay ang order ng aming Amer (pinuno) 2nd is ang sin ay baka mas dumami sa pagkat sa Islam ang mga Mujahidin intend to protect or save their land, its people and their faith. hnd gawain ng mujahidin ang mamuno ng away, pumatay ng walang dahilan at sirain ang sariling bayan w/c will be the reason of the death of their people. To the stories i've heard everywhere it's not that we can't stop them but even before the attacked in Lanao happened nagkitakita kami I did talk to them regarding their disgusting plan pero nagmatigas parin sila kasi they were no longer following/using the rules of MILF nor the command of ALLAH cuz they stand for their self and their leader. What they've done and still doing was truely against Islam their choice is a choice of khafeer if we followed them we might be lead to bad deeds. (   ). . . I and We are praying for the first 10 days of ramadhan na sana makapag isip isip ng mabuti yang mga yan na Umalis na at itigil yang gingawa nila ng sa gayon ay makauwi na ang ating mga kababayan sa kaniknilang bahay baka sakaling may maabutan pa sila sa mga gamit nila and i hope they realize that they  are in the wrong side and they need to seek forgiveness to ALLAH (S.W.A) and to the affected people. I've already said that i've talked to the chief staff w/c works in administrative and to the chairman that we should help the people of Lanao you can see that chief of panel were there to help in any ways they can. Kung pwede lng nmin kayong puntahan sa mga evacuation center pupuntahan nmin kayo kahit di pa kmi maka kain. My msg to the leader of ISIS is to please think wisely & carefully kung ito ba tlga Jihad nyo w/c cause death, distractions, disaster & pangaamoy ng Lanao isipin nyo mabuti if yan ba tlga jihad nyo cuz for me Jihad is to sacrifice your life to protect the land its people and your faith so for me you were wrong so pls seek forgiveness to ALLAH and to all the mourning people. We didn't fight back due to the disaster that we might cause kung may natitira pang mga bahay ng mga tao baka masira pa at bka may madamay pang sebelyan and it might lead to civil war and we didn't want that we didn't want to destroy our own land the only thing we can do is to pray for all of us and to hold our heart breaking with tears. ALLAH will be the one to judge them. Like what they've said to me "kung dika sumama samin bilang leader nmin anytime lilingon sayo mga baril nmin" and i replied " Whoever disobey the command of ALLAH even it's my children/family/relatives In Shaa ALLAH hnd ko lng palilingunin ang baril ko I can kill whoever disobey ALLAH and our faith" Forgive us if we can't help you naririnig nalang namin na nabobombahan kayo sisters/brothers we can't due to your wrong choice.

-I did effort for translating this due to others being too judgemental saying nonsense without knowing the content, there's some missing but it was just the summary of what he said hope it can help.



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