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JUST IN! PH Buys $100 Warship To defense our island country and It’s Really a Steal Price! MUST WATCH THIS!

The Philippines has acquired a steal price for a warship. These days, guided missile destroyers are worth $1.3 billion but a used South Korea warship was sold to the country for just $100.

The country is looking to develop its defense shield as the China gaffe is brewing. The political dispute can develop into a military one.

Because of this, the Philippines is looking for shopping deals buying a dozen F/A 50 fighters from South Korea, aside from accepting Coast Guard cutte donations from the US. Now,a Pohang-class corvette from South Korea was recently sold to us for a total of $100. ROK Chungju, was decommissioned by the Korea Navy last December 2016 – and the $100 is more likely a transfer rather than a purchase.
These Pohang-class corvettes are the first few large warships constructed by South Korean shipyards. 24 were designed around 1980s-1990s each weighing 1200 tons fully loaded with optimum speed of 32 knows. It is also equipped with a couple of Italian-made 76mm deck guns, 4 Harpoon anti-ship missiles and 2 40-mm cannons and antis-ubmarine torpedoes and depth charges. They are developed to secure South Korean waters and gunboats, as well as coastal submarines.

Philippines, as a favor, commits to pay by bringing the ex-Chungju back to service.An ex-officer describes the work as “repair, minor refurbishing works, replacement of obsolete systems” which is necessary of ship safety. The $100 is actually an exchange for around $4 million to be spent for this refurbishing.

Aside from this, not everything will be transferred to the country. All the Harpoon missiles and guns will not be transferred for our weaponry. However, the Korean Haeseong missiles and Blue Shark torpedoes can be substitute for the weapons.

While the new warship will cost the country a lot, it is still a good improvement from our battlefield ships.


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