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VIRAL NEWS - Pregnant Woman Arrested Using Shabu In Drug Den Offering Her Eldest Daughter To Their Patrons!

Authorities from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) revealed that the pregnant woman caught in act of using shabu during their drug den operation was offering eldest daughter to their patrons.

Alma Castañeda, the pregnant woman caught in act by the NBI together with his husband while using shabu during the held drug operation was revealed that they allow their customers to molest their daughter every after they used drugs. At first, it was denied by the two but because of the help of some witnesses, it was confirmed that the accusation is true.

Castañeda also revealed that she's using drugs even though she's pregnant and says that it was safe for she have already proved it during her pregnancy with her elder child.

Aside from the drug case that is filed with the two, they are facing another case for offering their child to their patrons that will be handled by the Protection Against Women and Children Division of Pasig City Police.

Source :  TNP, Definitelyfilipino

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