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Viral News - "Ang lakas niyong maka #PrayForParis #PrayForSyria noon, What now?

The photo of President Duterte kissing the cadaver of a bombing victim has gone viral 2 hours after it was published online by Rappler.


The photo post has been drawing the attention of netizens from the opposite fences of the political spectrum.
Along with the attention generated by the powerful photo of President Duterte, the thread has sparked a comment war among opinionated netizens.

Facebook user Czequinna Dainty wrote one gem of a comment that truly deserves an article post because it resonates the sentiment of the majority of Filipinos.

The hypocrisy of some Filipinos is making me cringe. Ang lakas nyong maka #PrayForParis #PrayForSyria noon, what? To show to the world that you “sympathize” for them? And now that is has happened to Davao, ALL YOU DO IS MOCK DAVAO CITY? HOW DARE YOU! Perhaps you hate Duterte that much. Now, you’ve found something to slap in the face of the President. But have you ever thought about the victims? Do you even feel the pain of losing a loved one from a bombing incident? Is your anger towards Duterte that intense that you make that death of innocent lives as a joke? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW SERIOUS THIS INCIDENT IS?
I don’t know if your just insensitive, heartless or just plain idiot for posting such mockery in social media. Or perhaps it just shows how hypocrite you are for joining the bandwagon of #PrayForNameOfAnotherPlace yet you LAUGH AND MOCK DAVAO CITY WHICH IS IN THE PHILIPPINES.
Place yourself in the situation, then contemplate on your stupidity and insensitivity.
We’ve helped other places in times of crisis, yet now that we are the ones in need of help, all you do is LAUGH at us and make a joke out of it. It’s not us that is pitiful. It’s you. Pathetic insensitive creatures. Your inferiority complex, hatred and crab mentality has eaten up all the humanity left in your body. You are no different from the terrorist groups. Parehong walang hiya. Parehong walang mga kaluluwa.
Rather than being too cocky and proud for mocking Davao because finally “the safest city in the Philippines” has “fallen”, you must be ALARMED. YES, IT HAPPENED TO US. AND GOD FORBID, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!

SOURCE : pinoytrendingnews.net

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