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PAALALA - Mag - ingat po tayo sa mga manghihingi po ng Donation para sa Davao Blast. Must Read This!

Last September 2, 2016, Friday, there was a blast in Davao. In line with that, the palace, advised the public on Monday that they should take note of a lot social media posts that is asking for monetary contributions for the victims of that accident.

In a press conference, Assistant Sec. Christian “Kris” Ablan, of the Presidential Communications Office, told the media that the Palace is not part of the people soliciting funds to help the victims of the blast. He also added that the president has not approved of such moves.
He also said,

“I will confirm with the Office of the Executive Secretary, if there is such a drive but, personally I would proceed with caution,”

He said that the Palace media is still in the process of acquiring consultation with Executive Secretary Salvador Medialde in the topic of the movement of certain private individuals or groups that is about this fund-raising activity.

“Personally, I’ve actually received a post of Facebook tagging me requesting to donate a least five pesos,” Ablan said.

Ablan was also asked to react on these posts on Facebook about the fund drive, also encouraging certain individuals to donate at least five to ten pesos each for the victims of the blast. The generous people who wanted to donate were asked to deposit the amount to the joint bank accounts of President Duterte and his daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Duterte.

“I’ll raise the matter to the Office of the Executive Secretary to confirm such event, but those things might be the work of private individuals, but again, I’ve raise it with the Executive Secretary, the Office of the Executive Secretary,” he added.

At the end of the talk, Ablan clarified that the Palace did not release any official message concerning these moves on social media and they are not sanctioned by the Malacanang.

Source : trendtitan.com

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