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JUST IN!! NEWS UPDATES : Mga tao sa likod ng pagbomba sa Davao NAHULI NA! Must Watch This!

Talitay, Maguindanao Vice Mayor ABDUL WAHAD SABAL and his Mayor MONTASER, are the two of the alleged people behind the bombing of ROXAS NIGHT MARKET in Davao City, last September 2, 2016  causing 14 deaths and 70  injuries.

According to the source of BOMBO RADYO ,the two were caught by the authorities in Cotabato City and later brought to CAMP CRAME for interrogation. 

The bombmaker who was caught at North Cotabato identified them as the master minds behind the Davao blast. The two also belong to the NARCO-POLITICIANS list that has been released by President Duterte.

Source: CNN

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