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Advanced And High-Technology Weapons And Equipments To Fight Abu Sayyaf Was Delivered To The Philippine Army!. Must Read This!

10th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, based at Camp Manuel T Yan Sr., Compostela Valley Province, received brand-new KIA KM450¼ ton military trucks and KM451 field ambulances as part of the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and will be used to provide safety among civilians against private armed forces and rebel groups such as Abu Sayaff.

There are approximately 80 trucks and ambulances that started arriving since August 31 and the majority arrived in September 2. According to Captain Rhyan Bathcer, spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division said that the trucks will be distributed to the battalions of AFP. 

KM450, a light all-terrain military truck which can accommodate for about 12 to 13 troops, is manufactured by the South Korean automobile firm KIA Motors is also used by the South Korean Army. It is the modern license-produced version of M715 truck of the US Army.

Acquisition of the trucks is part of the AFP's modernization program and can be used not only for troop operations but also for humanitarian assistance in case of calamities and disaster.

A total of 717 KIA KM450 trucks worth PhP1.937 billion were ordered by AFP to increase mobilization of the Philippine Army, Air Force and Navy. Still, the 1.9 billion budget did not cover the planned acquisition of high tech helicopters for the military.

Source : TNP ,   Facebook 

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