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Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte Announced as World’s Best President..Must Read This!

The President of Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte has been announced as the best President in the world
by the United Nations Economic & Social Council during their first annual review which was published on August 8, 2016.

A Technical Committee made up of experts from reputable International Civil Service Organisations and
Think Tanks adjudged Mr. Duterte as the best President during the period under review.
Mr. Duterte has been in office only since May 2016 and is tipped to as the next UN Secretary General if he wishes to occupy the office.

Many have criticized the credibility of the results as Philippine has been drawn into a lot of controversies since he took office and is been pressed upon by the main opposition party condemning every single decision taken by Mr. Duterte’s office.

The outcome of the report which was based on the Political, Economic and Social indexes of the country
and the President topping being the best has been questioned by many.

“I am very honored with such a prestigious recognition. I believe this feat has been achieved through hard work
and transparency. I thank the good people of the Philippine for creating the enabling environment for me
to perform my duties creditably as the President of our dear country”. – Rodrigo Duterte said.

SOURCE : http://ondamic.com

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