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CHR Is Asking For Additional 34M Budget. Must Read This!

The Commission on Human Rights is asking for an additional 34 million pesos for their proposed budget from the House of Representatives so they can use it for the implementation of new laws.

During the budget briefing, the CHR Chair, Loretta Rosales discussed what the funds were going to be used for:

P10 million for Anti-Torture Act , P4.7 million for Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, P5.1 million for Magna Carta of Women Act, P5.25 million for International Humanitarian Law, P3 million for Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act, P3 million for Anti-Trafficking Law and P3 million for the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition act.

She added that these laws were not implemented because of “lack of government budget support”. She also said that,

“New laws have been passed but did not provide for additional human rights resources. Kailangan talaga naming yan dahil maraming bagong batas. (We need those funds badly because there are new laws)”

Without considering the additional funds, the CHR in has asked for P341.45 million or down to its budget last 2014 at P347.8 million.

SOURCE : Trendtitan.com

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