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Vice Ganda was frightened when Baron did this on Showtime! Must See!

Baron Geisler used to be one of the heartthrobs on Philippine Television. He was on the same batch as John Lloyd Cruz and Patrick Garcia.

But now, Baron is more know as the man who shouts 'Ano na! Tara Na!. This lines came from the previous fight that he had encountered. This immediately went viral and became the trademark of Baron Geisler.

Recently, he had to settle a fight with Kiko Matos under Universal Reality Combat Championship which ended in a draw.

Baron Geisler became the celebrity contestant in one of the segments of the noontime show, 'It's Showtime'. He delivered the famous lines on the show as well.

This terrified Vice Ganda. It appears that the comedian is intimidated by the presence of Baron.

Source: PHReports,  TrendingNewsPortal

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