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SolGen eyes Case vs De Lima over alleged illegal drugs epidemic under her watch. Must Read This!

MANILA – (UPDATE, 11:01 A.M.) Solicitor General Jose Calida on Monday said that he is studying the possible filing of a case against Senator Leila de Lima over the alleged proliferation of illegal drugs during her time as Justice Secretary under the previous administration.

He made the statement alongside Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, after the two said that they would support PNP personnel who would be “harassed” by cases filed against them as they perform their duty. The weeks-long campaign against illegal drugs has drawn widespread concern over the apparent lack of due process in some cases and possible violation of human rights, as hundreds of suspects have been killed, mostly by police and some by vigilantes.
“Don’t be afraid of any Senate or Congress investigation. We will defend you,” Calida promised the police as he appeared, unscheduled, at Camp Crame.

He also advised them to only attend congressional hearings if these were in aid of legislation.
Sol-Gen Jose Calida at Monday’s impromptu press conference at Camp Crame, where he appeared, unscheduled, to show support for the PNP. Behind him is PNP chief General Ronaldo dela Rosa, who said police were feeling harassed by the threat of investigations into the killings of drug suspects.

“We will assess whether this iqnuiry is really in aid of legislation..If it’s not, we will advise [the PNP] not to attend,” said Calida.

“This is not an investigation in aid of legislation. To me, this is an investigation in aid of media mileage.”

Among others, the solicitor-general also:

• suggested that a reporter ask de Lima to try shabu, as she apparently has no idea of how badly it affects the body. He said the senator should experience how a “drug-crazed person will react. It’s not normal,” as he reacted to questions de Lima raised about the suspiciously high number of drug suspects gunned down by police for resisting arrest or grabbing their police escort’s gun, even under tight guard in a police station.

• advised de LIma to review her Criminal Law. He said there can’t be an investigation based on speculation. “She has to prove it.”

SOURCE : www.pinastrending.com

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