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Look: Davao City Will Be Hosting The SEA Games 2019. Must Read This!

Davao City: 2019 SEA Games Host

2019 SEA Games – Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Butch Ramirez confirmed that the 2019 South East Asian (SEA) Games will be held in Davao City after President Rodrigo Duterte approved a proposal.

In a report by Inquirer, Ramirez said that a letter of acceptance was already submitted to the SEA Games Federation by Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose Cojuangco Jr. together with other officials.

According to Ramirez, he is confident that President Duterte will do everything to make the hosting of the SEA Games successful.

“This is the first time an international sports event of this magnitude will be held in Davao, and I’m sure the President will do everything to ensure its success,” said Ramirez as quoted by in the report.

He also added that the hosting of the SEA Games by the city would be “beautiful and good for Mindanao tourism and the stability of Mindanao.”

Thinking about that the event is a global one, the other option, according to the chairman, will still be Manila.

On 2005, the last time the Philippines hosted the SEA Games, in came to the top with the overall medal tally with 291 medals which is composed of 113 golds, 84 silvers, and 94 bronzes.

Actually, it’s not the Philippines which is tapped to host the 2019 SEA Games but, it didn’t push through.

The approval of the hosting of Davao will surely give more progress to the whole Mindanao in which people from the region seems to be neglected by the government in Manila.

The 2017 SEA Games will be hosted by Malaysia.

The Philippines Sports Commission is currently busy with the coming 2016 Rio Olympics wherein the country will be sending 12 athletes.

Will this really happen? Can Davao City really handle the risks of hosting this international event?

SOURCE : Philnews.ph

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