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Duterte admin to transfer Bilibid Drug Lords in an island without cellphone signal and far from civilisation. Must Read This!!

Caballo Island Photo Credit: Armed Forces of the Philippines

Duterte administration is planning to transfer all alleged Bilibid Drug Lords who continues their illegal drug activity inside the national penitentiary.

Secretary of Jusice Vitaliano Aguirre is planning to transfer bilibid drug lords including Herbert “Ampang” Colangco and Peter Co in a remote island where there is no cellphone signal and far from civilization.

Islands in Mindanao and Palawan are the proposed place to build a high security prison for high profile criminals and it will be more secured than National Bilibid Prison, but residence of Palawan are strongly disagree to build a prison island in their place because it will give a bad impression to all of their visitors.

Caballo Island near Corregidor Islands is also one the biggest candidates to become the prison island in the Philippines, its former;y become a quarantine site of the Filipinos who suspected carrying Ebola Virus.

The island is currently off limits to civilians and guarded by Philippine Navy.

The Prison Island idea came after President Rody Duterte received an information that Drug Lords who already inside the Bilibid is still continuing their illegal drug business, including Herbert Colangco that according to the intelligence report is still buying illegal drugs directly from China despite of being inside the national penitentiary.

Netizens are also hoping that there will be no VIP treatment happens in the proposed Prison Island.

SOURCE : pinoytrending.altervista.org

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