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DILG plans to create Community-Base detective groups. Must Read This!

DILG plans Manila, Philippines -Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno announced that the government is looking to form a non-vigilante organization to secure the arrest of criminal offenders in the Barangay level.

The community-base unarmed group would tackle the issues involving corruption, criminality and drugs as well as capture offenders, would have the same organizational structure with Davao City’s Alsa Masa, the Naka Saka of Digos, Davao del Sur; and Kontra Force of South Cotabato was, according to Sueno while speaking at the flag raising ceremony at the Department of Interior and Local Government-National Police Commission Center in Quezon City, June 4, Monday.

Sueno added that Barangay empowerment would solve many issues if it would be given the focus by the government.

DILG Sec Ismael Sueno
DILG Sec Ismael Sueno. Photo courtesy of InteraksyunTV
He said that the President approved the idea, however, the department would still draft the rules for engagement such that it wouldn’t be abused.

Unlike other existing vigilante armed groups, the new Barangay squad is prohibited to engage in violent operations.

Sueno further stated that the group could determine erring community officials as well as be able to make an arrest on the offenders without waiting for the local enforcers.

Source: newsinfo.inquirer.net

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