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Coming in August: 8888 complaint hotline, 911 for emergencies. Must Read This!

HOTLINES FOR CITIZENS. The Duterte administration promises to put up hotlines for citizens' complaints and emergencies.

MANILA, Philippines – Starting August, a 24-hour hotline for citizen complaints and an emergency hotline will go live in the Philippines, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said.

In an interview with the Inquirer, Andanar said the "8888" number will serve as the hotline for citizen complaints, where ordinary Filipinos can call in to report corrupt officials, underperforming government personnel, and unfinished government projects.

Meanwhile, the current 117 emergency hotline will be replaced by a 911 number, which will link to the Nationwide Emergency Response Center.

Andanar said the 911 hotline had proven effective in Davao City to ensure the speedy response of police, firefighters, and medical personnel during emergencies.

He added that President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to replicate the same system all over the country.

On the same day he took his oath as the country's new president, Duterte said he wanted to put up a complaint hotline that would give Filipinos direct access to MalacaƱang. (READ: Duterte plans to put up '8888' citizen hotline)

The 24-hour service would be manned by officials of the Presidential Action Center (PACE). 

Watch the Video :

SOURCE : Rappler.com

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