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‘Bato’ turns emotional in meeting with accused Generals. Must Read This!

The chief of the Philippine National Police, Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, has a tough-as-nail image that criminals will tremble at the mention of his name.
But Dela Rosa displayed a different side during a one-on-one interview with TV host Boy Abunda, which was aired Saturday night.
While in his uniform, “Bato” cried, seemingly unable to stop, when Abunda read aloud the police chief’s Father’s Day letter to his “Papa Doro” in an episode of “The Bottomline.”

Dela Rosa posted the letter on his Facebook account a few days before he took over the helm of the 160,000-strong police force on July 1.
Asked if he was not afraid that the people would see him emotional, he said: “No, brave men do cry.”

“Kasi kung ikaw taong walang puso, hindi ka tao. Hindi ka naging matapang kung wala kang puso. Dahil walang basis ‘yung katapangan mo kung wala kang puso (Because if you’re a person without a heart, you’re not human. You can’t be brave without a heart. Because your bravery can’t have any basis if you don’t have heart),” he said.
Below is the letter Dela Rosa shared on Facebook:
“Dear Papa Doro,
I know deep in my heart that you’re now the proudest father knowing that your son, whom you could hardly send to school due to your meager income as a tricycle driver is set to become the chief of the PNP.
I didn’t know where did I get the courage to defeat my fierce enemies and the strength to face insurmountable challenges and then I realized, I am your son.
The son of a small but terrible father who never ran away from a fight, especially from the fight against hunger, lack of education, emptiness and poverty. I’m so proud of you, Pa. You fought a very good fight and emerged victorious.
How I wish you’re still here to coach and cheer me in my three to six months fight against drugs and criminality. I’m nervous, Pa. So please pray for me and the PNP. I may win or I may lose. But I sincerely dedicate this fight to you. I miss you, Pa. Happy Father’s Day.” JE.rga

SOURCE : newsinfo.inquirer.net

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